About the inn

    With typical Slavic hospitality we invite you to the door of our Inn. Folk décor, painted walls and atmospheric music bring you into the character of this place. The beginnings of the Inn of the Piasts go back to the early 90’s. Since then, we serve our guests delicious dishes of traditional Polish cuisine. Karczma Piastów is a lively restaurant located in the heart of the city, which in three rooms can accommodate 70 people. During summer we invite you to our patio – where among the greenery you can enjoy the quite surrounding

    You can enter Karczma from the street Kiełbaśnicza or directly from the Wroclaw Market by entering the Dwór Polski restaurant and walking through the Patio. The Inn is a place primarily for people who appreciate true Polish flavors, who are looking for natural food and love the folk atmosphere. We have extensive experience in organizing parties and special events. Our specialties are family gatherings and company feasts, which are held at the tables. Nowhere else do you taste such a delicious pork knuckle and Silesian soup served in bread in our homeland.